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Our Administration Team
Mr. Daniel
Thank you Kaliningrad! It is wonderful to be entering our fifth year working with children here!

OC-K found its opportunity to begin a quality English Language Childcare Centre here in Kaliningrad back in autumn 2017, and, throughout the eventual lockdown and now even the 'special military operation', we remain committed to work with your children to create a positive, loving, friendly influence in each other's lives.

Using the British Early Years curriculum, with an integration of Canadian Early Education concepts derived from universal values based on equality and fairness, OC-K has proven to be versatile and valuable.

We wish you a great day!

Mr. Daniel
Our Teaching Team
Ms. Stacie

My name is Anastasia. I can say that I'm a "citizen of the world" because all my life I have been traveling.

I was born in Kaliningrad, but we moved to Chicago, Il. when I was a child. We lived in the States 10 years, where I became bilingual.

That's why it's no surprise that I picked the profession of an english teacher. I felt an enormous urge to share my English with other people. The pursuit of giving knowledge lead me to our wonderful school, where there is an atmosphere of understanding, love, happiness, children's smiles and English.

Join us and we'll explore the world together
Ms. Liana
Head Teacher
Hello, my name is Liana and I'm from Armavir, Armenia.

I graduated from the M. Mashtots University in Yerevan in 2004 with a degree in Pedagogy, Philology and the English Language Translation. After my graduation I took a job of a translator but quickly realized that I am more interesting at communicating with children. Work with them gives me so much energy like nothing else. That is why I started tutoring and then got a job of a kindergarten teacher. Today I am very happy I have found the job I was dreaming about. I became a part of the wonderful and amazing OC family. Here I greatly enjoy communicating with children, playing with them and helping them to learn English at the same time!

See you at our magic school!
"Our Children – Our School" is a Canadian Child Care Centre successfully operating in the South Western Region of Moscow since 2007. And now in Kaliningrad.
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