April, 14
Dear parents,

More and more signs of spring are showing up as we are continuing with our school curriculum. This week the kids have learned all they need to know about the letter "Vv"; four more letters to go!
Mr. Daniel, Ms. Liana, Ms. Stacie and Ms. Daliya


Dear parents,

This week we've learned all about the letter "Vv".
Our kids have found out that there are so many amazing words starting with the letter of this week. For example: violin, vet, vegetables, vulture, volcano, vigorous and more!
Kids have crafted vultures, volcanoes and vases. We also haven't forgotten about new songs and poems to learn)
For the cooking we've painted eggs as we were celebrating the Easter, and for sure we went also egg hunting after)
I want to let you know that coincidentally we also celebrated the Earth day)
So as you see we had a great time with our kids)
Next week we've invited the letter " Ww " to our school)))
See you!
Sincerely yours Ms. Liana.


Dear parents,

Very very fun week we had with letter Vv. We've made erupting volcanoes and drew violets with the help of paint and plastic bags. When I showed the bags we were going to use, the kids laughed and didn't believe that it was possible to draw like that. Well, guess again! It turned out beautifully.
On Friday we celebrated Earth day and Easter, all in one! We chatted about our planet and how we can protect it. After which, we moved on to Easter and had loads of fun! Egg coloring, crafts, games, egg hunt. Wow!
Make the most of your weekend, while the weather is so lovely!
Ms. Stacie
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