March, 24
Dear parents,

This week's letter "Ss" is easy to recognize, for it looks very similar to the sssnake's shape. The kids love imitating its hissssing sound too!
Sssee you sssoon!
Mr. Anton, Ms. Liana, Ms. Stacie and Ms. Daliya


Dear parents,

This week has been very exciting for our OC family. We've celebrated Maxim's and Adel's birthdays. On Friday, we have also celebrated the Day of Happiness. Surely we haven't forgotten about our letters of the alphabet; we've sung songs and poems all about the letter "Ss". The kids have crafted spiders, snails and snakes. For cooking, we've had smiley sandwiches. Next week, we'll greet the letter "Tt".
See you next week!
Ms. Liana


Dear parents,

Slithering snakes, silly snails and six strawberries. This is what we made this week for letter Ss. We also took a closer look at how strawberries are grown. All of our children love this berry, so they took turns reading by themselves a book called "Strawberry mess" and read it very enthusiastically. Some children are reading by words, while others are reading by letters. Way to go, kids! That's a great result for children their age.
For science we unrevealed secrets! With the help of ordinary paper towels, markers, stapler and water we drew secrets that aren't seen without water. It's always fascinating to see imagination at work.
On Friday we celebrated Day of happiness. No work, just play, play, play!
Make the most of your weekend!
Ms. Stacie
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