March, 3
Dear parents,

Welcoming the first month of Spring, March, we are all excited for the upcoming blooming days; for there is nothing more enchanting than rebirth.
In the first week of March, kids have learnt all they need to know about letter "Pp". We hope you have a pleasant day!
Mr. Anton, Ms. Liana, Ms. Stacie and Ms. Daliya


Hello our dear parents

Another week has passed and there's no doubt that it has been a wonderful week for all of us!
We had such a great time with kids. They were so happy to make the pink pig, the cute panda, and the funny parrot from their footprints and handprints))))
I'm so proud of our smarties!!!
They're working so hard.
This week for cooking we've baked pineapple pie which has come out so delicious!!
Next week we'll invite to our OC the Queens, Quails and many other amazing things which start with the letter "Qq".
See you next week at our cosy OC-school.
Sincerely yours Ms. Liana.


Dear parents,

This week's letter was Pp. We created perfect peacock feathers, pancakes on a plate and piggies in a puddle.
At maths we played subtraction tic-tac-toe, that was a real highlight of the week. Children were very competitive and counting so fast. Way to go!
Have a good one,
Ms. Stacie
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