February, 17
Dear parents,

This week the kids learnt all they need to know about the 14th letter of the alphabet, the letter "Nn". They've also shared tremendous love, joy, letters and little gifts on the 14th of February, what fun!
We hope you had a sweet Valentine's Day too!
Mr. Anton, Ms. Liana, Ms. Stacie and Ms. Daliya


Dear parents,

This week we have passed the letter "Nn". We got acquainted with Naughty Nick. We had another wonderful week with our kids. The kids have made necklaces, nests and many other beautiful crafts. For cooking, we had edible necklaces, I hope you've liked them!
Next week, we're going to learn letter "Oo" words, songs and poems. Have a nice week!
See you!
Ms. Liana


Dear parents,

What a busy week we had! As you know, the 14th of February is St. Valentine's Day and we had a big celebration. Children exchanged valentines, danced and played games.
The letter of the week was Nn. We made our own newspaper with catchy headlines, drew lots of things beginning with Nn and painted a night sky with stars, the Milky Way and even added a cow jumping over the moon. On the other side of this project you can see a rhyme, which tells you about the jumping cow. This is an old time favorite, kids know it by heart!
For science we hammered nails into different surfaces to figure out what's soft and hard. Is it easier to hammer nails into something thick or thin? Ask your children, they'll know the answer to that!
Have an exciting and fulfilling weekend!
Ms. Stacie
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