January, 27
Dear parents,

Time flies when it is spent with joy and excitement, and here we are about to say goodbye to the last week of January. OC kids know well how to have fun learning all the new things provided for them by our amazing staff that knows how to make the process of learning more and more amusing. We hope your first month of the year is going perfectly well!
Enjoy your weekend!
Mr. Anton, Ms. Liana, Ms. Stacie and Ms. Daliya


Dear parents,

It's such a pleasure to work with your smarties. They are so clever and interesting kids. I've already informed you we have learned many new words which start with letter "Kk." We have made koalas, silver keys and kaleidoscopes to play with. I'm very happy and satisfied as our beautiful students have started to read! For the cooking, we've had key lime pie. Next week, we'll meet the letter "Ll." I'm sure we'll find numerous interesting new information about it!
See you next week!
Ms. Liana


Dear parents,

This week we went through letter "Kk." We talked about what it means to be kindhearted, how we can help the people around us, how important it is to accept your classmates because we're all friends here in our OC school. We've made koalas, keychains with key rings and drew a kingly kangaroo with a golden crown.
At our science lesson we experimented with coins, water and a magnifying glass. Do you know how many drops fit on 1₽, 2₽, 5₽? Well, now we know! Children were fascinated with the magnifying glass and pipet. Such curious kids. Way to go!
Have a good one!
Ms. Stacie
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