January, 20
Dear parents,

During this week, OC kids got to know more about the tenth letter of the alphabet; the letter "Jj". We can say they went through a joyous jolly journey discovering the letter "Jj"!
Have a jazzy weekend!
Mr. Anton, Ms. Liana, Ms. Stacie and Ms. Daliya


Dear parents,

I would like to let you know that we are back to our weekly routine. During this week, we have learned all about the letter "Jj". It means our Kids already know that jelly, jeans, joy, jam and many other words start with "Jj". We have played a memory game which helped the kids to memorise "Jj" words. Kids have learned new poems and songs. We have made jaguars, jackets and jellyfish crafts. For the cooking we baked jam roly poly pudding. Well, enjoy it))
Next week we'll meet kings, koalas, kittens as we are going to get acquainted with the letter "Kk".
See you next week!
Ms. Liana


Dear parents,

It's been a joyous week. We revised letter Jj, made a jar of jellybeans, drew a jet and a jaguar. We learned new songs and even played out an all time favorite rhyme- Jack and Jill went up the hill.
For science, our children explored the abilities of an ordinary balloon to make static electricity. Fun tricks the balloon can do!
Enjoy your weekend!
Ms. Stacie
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