January, 13
Dear parents,

Going back to routine after such long, filled with events, sweets and gifts holidays can be a challenge but not for our kids. They have shown their keenness to learn, craft, play and engage in all of the other activities provided for them by our lovely staff. We are certain that this year is going to be the best so far!
Mr. Anton, Ms. Liana, Ms. Stacie and Ms. Daliya


Dear parents,

Good day to you, we are very happy to see you at OC School again.
We are sure that our children will study even better this year and finish the year with a large amount of knowledge. We have started the week with letter "Aa" craft just to remind the kids that they already know many letters. At the same time, we have had a wonderful theme, which is "Hibernation." Our kids have learned that not only the bears but also ground squirrels, garter snakes, groundhogs, hedgehogs, snails and many other animals also hibernate. We have crafted a cave in our kindergarten and all the kids had the chance to hibernate inside. For the cooking, we baked a bear claw; we hope you'll like it. Next week we'll continue our journey in the world of our amazing alphabet. We'll meet the letter "Ii."
Wish you all the best,
Your Ms. Liana


Dear parents,

We're back in the saddle! It's always a bit hard to get back to the usual routine, but our children were eager to find out more about this week's theme which is hibernation. Who's sleeping cozy in their den? Where do the insects go? Is there any food left to feed on? All of this we found out with the help of books, videos, games, crafts and worksheets.
For the next couple of weeks at story time we'll be studying worldwide famous authors such as Hans Christian Andersen, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm and others. Gordey and his family have presented us a huge book of fairytales. Thank you so much, the kids love it!
Next week we will start going through letter Jj and subtraction.
Have a great weekend!
Ms. Stacie
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