December, 09
Dear parents,

The kids are making their extra efforts to meet Santa soon. They are super excited and enthusiastic about what is coming! The weather is chief's kiss. They played with the snow, made different shapes and forms. Yes, their mittens and gloves got wet and dirty in the process, yet it was worth it!
P.S. Next Friday, we are having a parent-teacher meeting.
Mr. Anton, Ms. Liana, Ms. Stacie and Ms. Daliya


Dear parents,

Slowly but surely, we're getting closer to the most beautiful day of the year. Christmas always brings joy and magnificent feelings to all of us. We have learned many interesting words, songs and poems this week. Kids have made a huge snowman outside and they were so happy to see the results of their work. In addition, our Christmas tree is already decorated by our children. Each of them made their wishes and hang the ornaments they liked. I believe Santa will hear them!
This week we have celebrated 100 days of school as well. Hooray! We are 100 days smarter!
Dear friends, I have a feeling that we're going to meet each other before the Christmas concert. So, I'll be happy to see you next Friday!
With best wishes,
Ms. Liana


Dear parents,

The first week of Christmas themed lessons has come to an end. We started decorating our school. We now have our own Christmas tree! All worksheets that we have done and will do in the coming weeks will stay at school because we're making a Christmas activity book. All crafts will stay at school as well so we can adore them and get into the Christmas spirit!
For story time, we read many winter stories and got acquainted with Frosty the snowman. To really understand the story of Frosty, we built our own snowman! We had so much fun!
For science we experimented with pine cones, put them in hot and cold water , made predictions what will happen and observed the changes.
Have a great weekend!
Ms. Stacie

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