December, 02
Dear parents,

We are officially in the first and most exciting month of winter, December. The month where we contemplate the current year, get enthusiastic about the upcoming holidays and create plans for the next year; so buckle up and get ready for the most positively overwhelming four last weeks of the year 2022!
Our kids have learned the eighth letter of the alphabet "Ii". That will be it for now. The rest of the weeks are going to be devoted to Christmas and Christmas only! In other words, we are going to have more and more fun learning English in a Christmasy atmosphere.
P.S. We are going to celebrate "100 Days of School" next Friday 9th of December. Girls and boys can put on their nice formal clothes for the celebration!
Mr. Anton, Ms. Liana, Ms. Stacie and Ms. Daliya


Dear parents,

We were so excited this week as we've celebrated Max's birthday. By the way, we had a guest "Baba Yaga" who brought so much fun to us. With no doubt we were also so happy to see Mr. Daniel at our school. He was so amazed by our little actors. Kids have learned all about the letter "Ii". They were impressed with the ice-cream crafts we've done together. They have played with insects and practiced writing, tracing and stamping the letter "Ii".
Our play is getting better and better. Kids are trying to do their best. I'm very proud of them. For cooking made igloos out of apples, chocolate and marshmallows. I hope you'll like it.
I would also like to inform you that from the next week the kids are not going to take their cookings home as we're going to collect them at the school's freezer for later. It's a secret for now, but you'll figure it out soon!
Our letter are taking their holiday break for the rest of this month. We will be extra focused on our Christmas theme and everything related to it, it's going to be fun!
I'll be very glad to see you back on Monday.
Best wishes,
Ms. Liana


Dear parents,

Letter "Ii" was interesting to learn. Great crafts we've made such as islands, ivy in a pot and iguanas. We studied a poem called "Imagine" and talked about how important it it to use our imagination. Reading Dr. Seuss books showed our children how one person can make up his own universe in his head and share it with us through stories and illustrations. We also read a lot about insects this week. Minibeasts are fascinating and help us in so many ways. Now we know how!
For science, we explored the properties of ice, but ours wasn't just ordinary ice that grownups are used to. We had plastic bugs frozen in colorful ice cubes. Fun and educational all at once!
The following weeks there will be no letter learning and we will put aside our maths books because we start our three week Christmas themed lessons!
Enjoy your weekend,
Ms. Stacie
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