November, 25
Dear parents,

Following our plan, the kids of OC learned all they need to know about the letter "Hh". While it might seem a challenging sound to make considering the fact that it doesn't exist in the Russian alphabet. The kids learned to pronounce it through a more common act they do in their time spent at OC school which is laughter; "Hahaha" is all what is needed to understand the exact pronunciation of the letter. We hope your weekend is going to be as joyous as the smile your kids have!
Mr. Anton, Ms. Liana, Ms. Stacie and Ms. Daliya


Dear parents,

I'm happy to share with you our crafts and worksheets which we have done this week. I'm sure you'll like them a lot. Our kids also got acquainted with Humpty Dumpty and played role games as well. They fed the hippo with "Hh" words. As I informed you before, we have started practicing our Christmas concert. Most of the kids already know their poems by heart. They do their best in memorizing their lines and preform their act.
So, be excited and wait for it! I wish you all the best.
Ms. Liana


Dear parents,

This has been an exciting week because we have started practicing our Christmas play. Our children are wonderful actors! Step by step we are getting closer to our goal, which is to learn our words in the play, songs and poems. We really hope you can help us with the poems. Please recite them with your children at home. This will be your homework!
Other than that, we talked about letter "Hh". Practiced writing the letter properly, wrote an article about hamburgers, where there was a great deal of Hh, enhanced our vocabulary. Made hammers and nails out of plasticine, drew a huge house and painted our hands to stamp a hand heart.
On Wednesday we had a very special science experiment with a coconut. Firstly, we observed this interesting fruit, shook it, smelt it, touched it. Then we cut it open, drank the milk and ate the insides. Some children really liked it, others didn't. Afterwards, we drilled holes, tied it together with string and made a bird feeder for the hungry birds that don't migrate. Now it hangs outside next to our school where the children can feed the birds and observe our little feathery friends.
Have a good one and remember to be eco friendly,
Ms. Stacie
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