November, 11
Dear parents,

The second week of November was dedicated for the letter "Ff", the sixth letter of the alphabet (twenty more letters to go!). Step by step, the kids are learning more and more new words so that they can use them in their daily speech. This week they were enthusiastic to learn about frogs whether by imitating, drawing, coloring, crafting or reading about them.
Have a happy weekend and enjoy the kids' made fruit salad!
Mr. Anton, Ms. Liana, Ms. Stacie and Ms. Daliya


Dear parents,
Another beautiful week has passed with our adorable kids. They have learned , lots of new words which start with the letter "Ff" and also learned new songs and poems. For the cooking we have mixed different fruits and made a fruit salad for you. We hope you'll like it)
So next week as usual, we will get acquainted with a new letter which is the letter Gg.
Wishing you a great weekend.
Sincerely yours, Miss Liana.


Dear parents,
Now we have gone through letter "Ff". We made great crafts like bowls with fish using different materials, origami speckled frogs that we played with afterwards singing "5 little speckled frogs" and drew colorful feathers. Although some children find it very frustrating to draw, art is very important in early childhood because it stimulates both sides of the brain. Increases the capacity of memory, attention and concentration.
For science experiment we took orange peels and squeezed juice out of the pores onto blown up balloons, which makes them pop. The kids loved it. Loud and fun!
Bean update: Our beans have dried, unfortunately. Autumn isn't the best timing for growing plants, so we'll try again in spring.
Have a good one,
Ms. Stacie

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