September, 30
Dear Parents,

With the last week of September we begin our school curriculum with the theme being the first letter of the English alphabet: the letter "Aa".
We have also ended this week with a festive "international day" giving our students warm memories to carry with them in their lives.
Mr. Anton, Ms. Liana, Ms. Stacie and Ms. Daliya


Dear Parents,
This week we've learned how to write the letter "Aa."
We've traced, colored a lot. We have sung many songs and learned new poems.
Our children have made huge and wonderful alligators, apples and apple trees for you!
Our kids also took part in our weekly cooking and we have baked an apple crumble and we are all sure that you'll enjoy it!
Next week we'll get acquainted with the letter "Bb", and we will talk about body parts, bees, butterflies, etc.
With best regards,
Ms. Liana.


Dear Parents,

This week we were revising the letter "A." Now the older group will not only learn the letters and their sound, but also the proper way to write – with capitals and punctuation. Our kids are learning fast and in no time, they will become professional writers!
Also, we've started our math books. The program is harder, with addition and subtraction. These books I will give home when we finish them. So don't look for math worksheets in the work we give out on Fridays.
We wrapped up our week with international Day. All our children now have travel passports and tons of wonderful memories.
See you soon!
Ms. Stacie
16 МАРТА / 2018
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