September, 23
Dear Parents,

Another week has passed and what an educative one it has been! This week's theme was "back to school!" and we learned a lot about our OC K school including supplies, students and teachers. We reminded our children the importance of rules as well as being friends with one another. Following this week we will begin our standard curriculum regarding alphabetical letters.
Mr. Anton, Ms. Liana and Ms. Stacie


Dear Parents,
This week we have talked a lot about school supplies.
We have made for you beautiful pencil cases, pencils and apples with our kids' pictures on them.
We have traced, written and colored many worksheets concerning this week's theme.
For cooking we made waffle pencils!
Next week we are going to learn and review the alphabet and accordingly there will be a theme by the letter.
With best regards,
Ms. Liana.


Back to school! School is cool!
This week we discussed many important things. One of which is our school rules, that are vital for everyone to keep us safe.
Also, we discussed our 5 senses that help us explore and understand the world. We played a fun game, where children guess what sense is used for every picture.
For science, we took an ordinary balloon and used all five senses to learn more about the abilities of our body. What an amusing week we had!
See you on Monday!
Ms. Stacie
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