October, 21
Dear parents,

Starting the second half of October, the Dino World has taken over the school. The kids have done a tremendous work with coloring a very large and detailed drawing filled with all kinds of dinosaurs. Currently the masterpiece is hanging on the board in the middle of OC-K School to please everyone's eyes.
It is wonderful how much amusement one letter can create. It was a joyous week, letter "Dd"!
Mr. Anton, Ms. Liana, Ms. Stacie and Ms. Daliya


Dear parents,
With this week's letter, we had so much fun learning words with letter "Dd" like: doughnut , dog, dinosaur, deer and many other words! We have found out that there were so many varieties of dinosaurs; big and small, long and short; and they all come with unique names that are memorized by heart now. Kids have learned new songs and poems.
For the next week we are getting ready to welcome the Halloween!
So be ready to enjoy the the spooky week!
Best regards,
Ms. Liana


Dear parents,
The theme of this week was dinosaurs because we were learning the letter "Dd". So many cool crafts we made, even a flying pterodactyl. We worked with plasticine as well to make dice. Our children find it very entertaining to work with this material, while they are enhancing their fine motor skills.
For science, we returned to our beans that were growing in a ziplock bag on the window. Now we have planted them in a pot. We'll take turns watering and making notes as to how the process is going. Right now we're on stage 5, waiting for flowering. I'll keep you updated!
See you next week,
Ms. Stacie

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