September, 16
Dear Parents,

Welcome back to another wonderful year at OC K. We are ecstatic to continue our journey through English with our children; new as well as old. As we say goodbye to winter and welcome autumn, we have a variety of new themes we will introduce to our OC kids as will be further elaborated on by our esteemed teachers. Among our numerous updates of our OC School is our weekly newsletter that we will be handing out to our parents at the end of every week; updating our parents on what their children have been learning and connecting this meaning to their weekly work and crafts.
Let's have another wonderful year at OC K together!
Mr. Anton, Ms. Liana and Ms. Stacie


Dear Parents.

This week our children have learned to share their emotions, feelings as well as described their physical experience (body parts: eyes, nose, mouth, hands, legs, belly, etc.) as we had a beautiful theme "All about me".
The children have made magical mirrors which show how amazing they are. They have also left their footprints and handprints on cardboard paper so you could admire them.
They have talked about themselves and we have come up to the main idea, which says that we are all unique.
I would like to also let you know that next week we are going to talk about our wonderful families and how much we love them.
With best regards,
Ms. Liana.


Dear parents,

Another wonderful week has passed.
Now our children are used to the schedule and they are set to learn more and more. I can see it by the way their eyes are shining bright.
This week our theme is "all about me". In these 5 days we have revised colors, foods, clothes and emotions. We have made "all about me" books where we wrote and drew. For craft, we have made a color wheel and beautiful foil mirrors. Most of all, the kids enjoyed playing the crocodile game (the crocodile calls out colors, children run and try not to get caught) and "Simple and fun human tricks" that we tried on our science lesson.
It has been a great week. Way to go kids!
Ms. Stacie.

News 16/09/22
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