Ms. Lena
Hello! My name is Ms.Lena and I've been part of the OC family for more than seven years now.
I was born in Russia but prefer to call myself "a citizen of the world". I spent a year in England as I love to travel and explore new cultures. No wonder OC felt like home the minute I came here - a place where people of different nationalities share joy and happiness.

Having started as an assistant in nursery class and working with children of all levels later on, I watched the OC approach work wonders on children: they would bloom into beautiful personalities with a strong sense of self-worth, radiating happiness and love, and believing in their endless potential!

This is why I am excited to be in Kaliningrad and welcome local families at our OC center. Our professional team of native teachers and assistants will surround your child with care, help them to easily learn English and explore this amazing world!
Welcome to the wonderful world of OC school!
"Our Children – Our School" is a Canadian Child Care Centre successfully operating in the South Western Region of Moscow since 2007. And now in Kaliningrad.
Kaliningrad, Yaltinskaya Str., 4

Phone & E-mail:
+7 (4012) 98-41-51
+7 (962) 260-87-60
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 09:00-18:00

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