Ms. Anna

Hello! My name is Anna Gallagher; I am from the United States of America. My family and I reside in the state of Maryland which is in proximity of the Chesapeake Bay and the capital of the U.S., Washington D.C.

I graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in Second Language Acquisition. I studied bilingualism, language processing, connection of thought and language, English linguistics, etc. The studies enabled me to answer a puzzling question, what is the best way to learn/teach a language? The answer is rather simple - complete, continuous immersion. That is why I support OC methodology fully.

I am excited to share my knowledge with kids at OC Kaliningrad as I love little ones with all my heart. As a mother and a language professional, I strive to provide the nourishing and fun learning environment for them.

I spend my free time on the couch… Just kidding, no couch potato here. I am very active. I am fond of yoga, ballroom/ Latin dancing, hiking, reading, and most of all traveling. I adore Kaliningrad, I take long walks and enjoy its lavish greens.

My motto: Enjoy small things, choose to be happy, and remember it all shall pass.
"Our Children – Our School" is a Canadian Child Care Centre successfully operating in the South Western Region of Moscow since 2007. And now in Kaliningrad.
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