Ms. Alex
My name is Ms.Aleks and I've been part of the OC family since September 2018! I was born and raised in Kaliningrad, and am happy to be considered part of an «island of Europe» in Russia. Our mentality actually, is quite different from other cities of Russia, probably because of the nearness and influence of Central European states.

When I first found OC, it was a wonderful realization of another world, a world where love, positivity and openness reigns!
I began my experience working with children in 2009 with the Youth Scout Movement in Kaliningrad Region. Initially as a first aid teacher, and then as a director of a regional scout rally (tent camp), we traveled with a large team to St. Petersburg and Karelia on international gatherings, meetings or rallies.
At the OC the first impression was how effective and professional approach the teachers used with children. It is so modern and even futuristic at times I catch myself thinking that I am seeing the future develop in front of my own eyes. The English language is undoubtedly the main communicative language currently and the whole world around us communicates with it. Not only is the English language effectively enforced, but the process by which the "teacher – student" interact is drastically different from other 'classroom' environments. It is a great method to learn foreign languages from childhood!
I am incredibly glad to be a part of the OC family in Kaliningrad. Our professional team of native speakers and assistants really care for your children and undoubtedly will help them improve and learn to communicate effectively in English, along with an exciting exploration of the wonderful world we all share!

Welcome to the wonderful world of OC!
"Our Children – Our School" is a Canadian Child Care Centre successfully operating in the South Western Region of Moscow since 2007. And now in Kaliningrad.
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