Sports Day!
21st June, 2019
Sport is life!

Part of our OC Kaliningrad Childcare Centre philosophy! Even though we have a very rich academic programme, we choose to include various physical movements throughout our days, with Yoga and Dance routines. That being said, each year we like to dedicate an entire day to Sport!

This year we used a massive variety of equipment, including balls, skipping ropes, bags, sticks, clubs, hoops and even spoons! Regular table spoons were used for obstacle races with transporting golf balls back and forth to their teammates whilst traversing a complicated path. It was quite difficult actually, even for adults! It did prove to be quite fun though! And that is the main point to our Sports Day.

Spoon races were only one event, we had jumping in sack races with some of the smaller kids being totally immersed in their bag! Other events included over and under crawls, back and forth jumping, and of course the classic tug-of-war! So many games using balls was fun too : throwing a ball through a hoop; throwing it up in the air across to a fellow student to catch, kicking it, and using rackets to hit it back and forth… loads of fun. We created a merry-go-round event with children flying around the poles as they searched for equilibrium as they sought the finish line. A few more games with golf balls and finally as the day concluded we discovered that the big winner of the day was Sport itself! Friends were made and fun was had! All of our children participated and received a medal for their efforts.

We enjoyed ourselves so much it hurts to think we must wait another entire year for the next wonderful OC Sports Day!
Exciting Sports Day
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