Pajama Day!
24th May, 2019
Pajama Day is one of the most fun relaxed day at OC school! It is a long-awaited party and a pleasure for the entire school to enjoy! Imagine being able to walk around all day in comfortable, warm and soft PAJAMAS! Some even wear funny soft animal slippers. Perhaps some of you may be in disbelief or even surprised to learn it possible to spend a whole day in pajamas? All we can say is "Yes, we can and it is Fun!" Of course in regular schools in Russia, this is a non-existent day, but because we are an extraordinary Schooling environment, we make it a mandatory day in the curriculum.

The day begins as usual, with children arriving as per schedule, only to change back into pajamas once they are in school! Haha! This is just a fairy tale! Well, you must admit, you probably also wish to have a day each year to simply stay in pajamas…

The atmosphere of the school transforms magically into a bit of a lethargic, a bit of a sleepy environment, so we build and improvised a restful place. Tables, chairs, blankets and a bunch of pillows transforms the classroom into a relax zone. It invigorates all of us, children as well as teachers! And this is not the only entertainment that awaits. Every self-respecting child should have a favorite toy which he likes to fall asleep with. So everyone brings with them their best plush friends. Teddy bears are by far the most popular stuffed toy! As so many best friend bears arrive, we invent an organized entertainment for teddy bears – with trampolines made from huge blankets! Later, our teachers staged fun races with children rolling over one another! When it is quiet time, it is easy to have a bit of a nap with a pillow. Such positive emotions for everyone to manage throughout the rest of the week! A classroom filled with joy and laughter! Children's laughter rings throughout – Welcome to OC Pajama Day!

Funny Pajama Day
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