Happy Easter!
28th March, 2019
The days are very warm, everything is blooming and smelling sweet. That silly rabbit hid his colorful eggs. What does that mean? It's time for that wonderful spring holiday - Easter!

And we are ready to celebrate! Our children made creative nests, and learned that not only birds can do it! Then they decorated our wall with egg-shape figures - one of the symbols of this holiday. After that they searched for hidden 'gifts' from the rabbit. That clever rabbit is so cunning, he scattered them in such divers places to fool us, but he could not! We managed to find them all!

Also kids tested their accuracy with small balls, checked their memory and intuition among the many cards, and even managed "to fish" out a lot of sweeties! What a great day we had. The children were easily able to cope with all the tasks involved and were happy to appreciate the creative processes. What a fascinating adventure this world could be!

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