Happy Halloween in the OC!

November 02th, 2018
Halloween is knocking at the door.
You hear the creaking of the floorboards?
The little Ghost at the door,
Howling makes me hoarse.

In this celebration, the old-are a good,
He will congratulate from souls.
With sweets voluntarily
You hurry to leave!

How did you celebrate Halloween? How many sweets fit in your witch's pot? How many neighbors you scared its intimidating appearance?
And our Canadian children's center spent this day ominously festive! All the guys are well prepared for the holiday.
Witches, witchers, skeleton, sinister leopard, bloody red riding hood, mummy and even (!) grapes!
We had a great time together. Maze of cobwebs, spider racing, throwing ghosts, search for sweets in the dark corners of our center!
In addition to all these activities,we had a lot of different treats! Butter fingers, egg eyes, humos cemetery, cheese brooms and much more, no less appetizing!
Do you want Your child to learn the holidays of other countries and their culture in an entertaining way? Visit us at the Canadian children's centre! We will open new horizons for Your child!
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