Winter Concert.
OC Has Talent 2019
20th December 2019
"Ho, ho, ho! Jingle Bells - Jingle Bells…! We wish you a merry Christmas!"
What a joy to listen to the festive melodies erupting from inside the OC Kaliningrad Child Care Centre! The decoration and the lights and the smell of the tree all permeate and create a resoundingly magical atmosphere! Even without the usual snowfall, we definitely felt the spirit of the holiday season. Our professional staff created a wonderful programme full of dance, song and theatre. Our young singers and dancers and actors performed the choreographed play to perfection and truly their glow and purity was felt throughout the hall. We are proud to be able to share such positive results with the families of our children. It is further proof that our unique English language programme is indeed effective! Outside of the performance, the chocolate fountain featured an array of foodstuffs with finger food and salads – fruit and vegetable bowls, cakes and cookies! It was a beautiful menu and it further enhanced the positive social setting OC is famous for. (Santa Clause was even in attendance giving out merry gifts to all the beautiful children)!
If you wish to be part of this exclusive OC Kaliningrad family, we welcome you!
Merry New Year!!

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