or Carnival
1st November, 2019
Happy Halloween! Or as we like to say it at the OC Kaliningrad Canadian Childcare Centre Happy Carnival! All day the best thing we heard from our kids was the wonderful 'trick or treat'! And boy did we have a good time tricking and treating…

You probably already understand that we LOVE to have special Party Days here at our school – and October 31st gives us a wonderful opportunity to dress up in fun costumes and enjoy each other's company. We invited and were visited by Witches, the Count Dracula himself, Black frightening Cats, all-powerful Wizards, a couple of Skeletons, Dragons and flying Bats! You can imagine all of these lovely characters surrounded with carved pumpkins – Jack-O-Lanterns with glowing candle light streaming through their faces, cobwebs steaming from the ceiling and walls with spiders crawling all about, bats hovering and hanging upside-down overhead, ghosts floating and greeting all of our guests at the door! Combined with a few glowing eyes and fog permeating through the room with the staff all dressed in costume attire, Halloween / Carnival was FUN! We played games, learned interesting poems and songs, ate a lot of sweeties – cooking blue, yellow, white eyeball cupcakes was also cool!

All that being said, the most important lesson we learned today was that we could have such a good positive entertaining day with each other. Welcome to OC-Kaliningrad!

Trick or treat!
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