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We believe that education needs a holistic approach, as do children.

We see a child as a whole person, including body, mind, emotions and spirit, and make our academic decisions from this point of view. In the learning process, we also look at the world and subject matter as a whole. Ours is a theme-generated, student-centered educational place of learning.
In OC, young children will have a wide range of different experiences and will develop a wide range of skills and interest. They will have a well-planned and resourced curriculum to take their learning forward and to provide opportunities for all children to succeed in an atmosphere of care and of feeling valued.

The curriculum underpins all future learning by supporting, fostering, promoting and developing children's:

  • personal, social and emotional well-being;
  • positive attitudes and dispositions towards their learning;
  • social skills;
  • attention skills and persistence;
  • language and communication;
  • reading and writing;
  • mathematics;
  • knowledge and understanding of the world;
  • physical development;
  • creative development.

Our goals

  • To be of use to 21st century children who are being born smarter and more spiritually advanced than their predecessors.
  • To help children find the tools by which to grow with courage and a solid sense of self-worth.
  • To provide a diversified and broad spectrum of activities to pique the child's curiosity and inspire him/her with a joy of learning for life.
  • To support and direct children positively in their healthy emotional, social and physical development.
  • To create a safe appealing place for children to learn English.
  • To give opportunity for every child to feel the English language, only thereby being able to become truly bilingual.
Why us
A unique approach to early learning, in which the integral aspect is empowering each child to believe in his/her endless potential.
One of the best playschools in Moscow according to ForbesLife, now in Kaliningrad.
Special times to celebrate cultures, friendship, harvest, peace, all children, smiles and other unusual holidays.
A loving classroom environment that provides opportunities to demonstrate the art of giving and sharing and enjoying happiness.
Male and female native English teachers. One adult per five children.
Play Centers set up for each child's requirements in building his/her own strategies of learning.
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"Our Children – Our School" is a Canadian Child Care Centre successfully operating in the South Western Region of Moscow since 2007. And now in Kaliningrad.
Kaliningrad, Yaltinskaya Str., 4

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